Concrete and Mortar Admixtures


AQUAPLUS 1 Waterproofing Mortar and Screed Admixture

Description: Mortar and screed admixture that allows ease of application by increasing waterproofing and workability of plaster and floor screeds. Application Areas: Tunnels and channels, Water tanks, Indoor and outdoor plaster, Concrete blocks, Swimming pools, Floor screeds.


AQUALATEX S.B.R. Mortar and Screed Admixture with Waterproofing and Bonding Properties

Description: Multi-purpose, liquid synthetic rubber emulsion which increase the adherence and waterproofing properties of the cement based mortars. Application Areas: Concrete repairs, Plasters, Coverings resistant to abrasion, Increase adherance between old and new concrete, Ceramic...


FIXA PVA+ Mortar and Concrete Admixture

Description:  White colored polyvinyl acetate (PVA) emulsion with high viscosity and adhesive, binding and sealing properties.   Application Areas: Indoors, Horizontal and vertical applications, Repairing reinforced concrete structural elements and floors, Bonding old and new...